Handbag design thar chuak mi touchscreen ummi si

Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2020 collection ahcun a dawh taktak mi handbag pawl an kyawngia (show)hna.mah an kyawngia(show) mi hna handbag Chung ah flexible touchscreens pawl a tel mi chanthar handbag pawl an kyawngia hna.mah project cu LV le Tuluk company pakhat Si mi Royole in fonh in an chuah mi si.

Royole hi cu flexible displays, flexible sensors le smart devices pawl a chuah piaktu commission pakhat si.Royole hi cu an mah I an ngeih mi handbag CES 2019 kum Chung ah hin an kyawngia(show) bel cang

Bag cu LV nih “canvas of the future”tiah an auh.media cheukhat nih cun an bad design pawl cu an soipiak ngai hna.Gizmodo website nih cun a design cu ningzak tak si tiah an ti.

LV’s Cruise 2020 show puai cu American New York I JFK Airport ah an tuah.

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